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The incredible David 6Y1V has done the Young Ham selection also this year!


This year he has chosen 3 guys to make the CQWW CW 2009 from 6Y1V SuperStation. After my trip in Jamaica I thought that CW was passed and of little interest for me. David, instead, surprises me with him keyer! He was superfast and the sounds of TI – TA were music to my ears.

Since my return at home I have tried the CW. At this moment I’m making many CW QSO, my keyer is my PC, I don’t deny it! But now I’m able to understand my callsign and standard reports…

So, after this, I’m not surprised by the choice of David! He wants to encourage the HamRadio among young!

I think that will be a great experience for these guys, certainly one of the best in them life. So a very good luck to Roger EA3ALZ, Alex OZ7AM, Alex RV9LM, you will learn many things by David, these will be a treasure for you!

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