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Saturday 3rd of December I was active from the station HV5PUL, located in the Pontificia Università Lateranense, Vatican State, with others friends: IW3SQY, IZ4AKS, IZ8GCE, IT9YVO, IZ0BTV, IZ7ATN, IW0DJB.

The station setup consisted of 2 Elecraft K3 + 2 KPA-500, a rotative dipole for 10-15-20m and a vertical multibands antenna.

We had circa 5 hours to be operative, so analyzing the propagation’s condition, was clear the upper bands had the best opportunities! The Sun appeared with a great number of sunspot on the Earth’s side as you can see below.

So we have focused firstly on 12m SSB and 10m CW. Then we have also worked 15 and 17m.

After less than 5 hours of activity we have made 930 QSO, which 30% were from North America, due to the long propagation.

I have had the opportunity to run on 10m SSB fighting against a terrible NA pile-up! Spreading the split 5 to 10 kHz up has done the possibility to work us especially to the NA West Coast, we have cought in the log W6 – W7 and VE9 prefix and also the CQ Zone 1.

Thanks to all those who have contact us! See you in the next pile-up!

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