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6Y7K QSL’s Status

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Today I have received the second qsl’s pack via my bureau. There many italians, europeans and japaneses qsls. I have answer back to the first pack and qsls are now in the boxes ready to go to Milan at italian bureau center! All direct qsls received were been send back with confirmations! Some qso are not present in the log of 6Y7K’s activity, so please search in the log online before send me qsls! These […]

6Y9LM-6Y3Z-6Y7AM @ 6Y1V

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The incredible David 6Y1V has done the Young Ham selection also this year! This year he has chosen 3 guys to make the CQWW CW 2009 from 6Y1V SuperStation. After my trip in Jamaica I thought that CW was passed and of little interest for me. David, instead, surprises me with him keyer! He was superfast and the sounds of TI – TA were music to my ears. Since my return at home I have […]


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“First and foremost, congratulations to everyone on the accomplishment of 1st Place North America and 2nd Place World in the 2008 CQWW SSB. All of you were fantastic operators and made a great team. This is a huge accomplishment for 6Y1V! I have attached a scan of the certificate I just received from CQ Magazine. Again, thank you all for your participation and a fantastic job. Thank you kindly, David ~ KY1V” Thank you David, it […]


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After the night of rest is time to analize the amazing results of the best ham radio contest of the year! Friday I had received a phone-call by my friend Fabio IZ7NLJ: he said me that there was an incredible opening in 10m during the morning with some VK and other asian stations listen with good reports. It was a very good news, I have rushed on the net to search some feedbacks and I […]


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Some friends will be active from club station Z37M, Macedonia, during the CQWW SSB 2009, the next weekend! The operators are: IT9SSI Dario, IT9YVO Antonello, IZ8CCW Antonio, IZ8CGS Gianni, IZ8IYX Pasquale, IZ8JAI Domenico, IZ5MOQ Alessandro, Z36W Venco & Z35X Chris. They were departed this night from Bari, my city, on a ferry boat for Durazzo, Albania, tomorrow they will reach Skopie, capital city of Macedonia, and than they will arrive at Z37M club station. They […]

6Y1V 2nd worldwide score in cqww ssb ’08 (multi2)

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Hi guys! This is a very great news! Our score is the second in the world, after the Canarian station AO8A. We have a score of 14,094,054. We thought that it wasn’t a good score, because the propagation on 10 and 15m was been very poor. But now we can say that it was a very good job. I remember to all the team: David KY1V, Dave G3NKC, Dave G4BUO, Martin G4XUM  , Manu LU9ESD, […]