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DxCoffee.com un mondo di DX

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E’ nato DxCoffee.com Nasce la versione in lingua italiana (l’inglese arriverà tra un po’) del nuovo portale d’informazione “espressamente” dedicato al mondo del DX. La piattaforma tecnologica utilizzata da DxCoffee.com consentirà ai lettori  d’interagire con il nostro portale attraverso i commenti. Infatti, grazie a Gravatar, i lettori avranno un volto e per mezzo dei Feed potranno seguire ogni aggiornamento del portale in tempo reale. Buona lettura e grazie per la vostra collaborazione. 73 e Buon […]

6Y9LM-6Y3Z-6Y7AM @ 6Y1V

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Amici / Contest / Hamradio / news

The incredible David 6Y1V has done the Young Ham selection also this year! This year he has chosen 3 guys to make the CQWW CW 2009 from 6Y1V SuperStation. After my trip in Jamaica I thought that CW was passed and of little interest for me. David, instead, surprises me with him keyer! He was superfast and the sounds of TI – TA were music to my ears. Since my return at home I have […]

IZ4AKS/BY1RX – Beijing

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Amici / Hamradio / Viaggi

I have had a great surprise this morning!!! My great friend Giorgio IZ4AKS, who was in Bejiing to work, was trasmitting from the Big Radioclub B1Z using the temporary license IZ4AKS/BY1RX. He was at 14.195, for me the beaming was 50°NE, into my Delta Loop the signal was 59+10dB, a wonderful report from China! Giorgio is a great DX Man, one of  E44M, 1A4A, 1A3A, 9H3KS, HB0/IZ4AKS, HV5PUL, T70A (T71SM), IE9X, OM/IZ4AKS, 4U1UN, 4U1VIC, OE/IZ4AKS, […]


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Contest / Hamradio / Viaggi

Some friends will be active from club station Z37M, Macedonia, during the CQWW SSB 2009, the next weekend! The operators are: IT9SSI Dario, IT9YVO Antonello, IZ8CCW Antonio, IZ8CGS Gianni, IZ8IYX Pasquale, IZ8JAI Domenico, IZ5MOQ Alessandro, Z36W Venco & Z35X Chris. They were departed this night from Bari, my city, on a ferry boat for Durazzo, Albania, tomorrow they will reach Skopie, capital city of Macedonia, and than they will arrive at Z37M club station. They […]

Late Dx Activity

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After few days of Antenna’s maintenance I have reassembled and completed the 2 elements moxon for 40m, now it is a wonderful and pile-up breaker antenna, as my usual!!!! I have contact, without problems and waste of time, 3D2MJ Fiji Island, both in 40m and in 20m phone, he had a nice real 59 in 40m.

Destruction in Samoa after Tsunami

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Hamradio / Terremoto / Viaggi

First videos from Samoa and American Samoa after the terrible tsunami. Many people are involved and the interested area is very large, there have been another strong earthquake also in Sumatra, Indonesia. Different DXpeditions are in this area at the moment, I hope all are well. Good news from 3D20CR, Conway reef, they are well and the first station is up on 20m now. We are waiting for other good news. < p style=”text-align: center;”> […]

R1AND Novolazarevskaya Antarctic station

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” Novolazarevskaya Station (Russian: Станция Новолазаревская) is a Russian, formerly Soviet, Antarctic research station. The station is located at Schirmacher Oasis, Queen Maud Land, 75 km from the Antarctic coast. It was opened on January 18, 1961 by the 6th Soviet Antarctic Expedition. The maximum summer population is 70. Novolazarevskaya has an airstrip that serves both research-related and commercial flights.” From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Activities from this station are permitted only during summer time due […]

Glorieuses Island 2009 FT5GA

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Glorioso Archipelago : The Glorioso Archipelago (7 km²) consists of two coral islands: Grande Glorieuse (3 km in its larger diameter) where the human installations are, and Ile du Lys (circular island, 600 metres in diameter) which is desert. The archipelago also includes two rock islets – Roches Vertes and l’Ile aux Crabes – as well as a sand bank more or less above water at high tide. At the East and North east of Grande […]

The two elements 40m Moxon is up!

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Hi! Now also the 40m two elements Moxon is on the tower. I have used the same boom of my Delta. The KD6WD’s site is a very good resource to build a Moxon antenna. You can download a Win software that provides all measures of the Moxon rectangle. The Moxon antenna concept is very revolutionary, it consists to fold part of the element in the point of minimum current flow. So the dimensions of the […]