Logbook & QSL

IZ7KHR On-line Log


If you would search into logs of my different calls (DXpeditions or contests), please visit pages dedicated to each special callsign or event. You can find the link in the right menu under the voice LOGBOOK or DXPEDITION & CONTEST.


  • Verify your QSO on this log.
  • If you are member of eqsl.cc you can find my electronic qsl card on your account, but I would also the paper card!
  • Send me QSL card via direct to:
    Mr. Francesco Cozzi
    Strada Calvani 2, 70125
    Bari, ITALY
  • Please include a return envelope and 3$ or 2€.
  • It is OK also QSL via bureau!!!
  • SWL reports are welcome!!!
  • If you have problem or special requests contact me to francesco@iz7khr.it