Mese: Ottobre 2009


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Contest / Hamradio

After the night of rest is time to analize the amazing results of the best ham radio contest of the year! Friday I had received a phone-call by my friend Fabio IZ7NLJ: he said me that there was an incredible opening in 10m during the morning with some VK and other asian stations listen with good reports. It was a very good news, I have rushed on the net to search some feedbacks and I […]


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Contest / Hamradio / Viaggi

Some friends will be active from club station Z37M, Macedonia, during the CQWW SSB 2009, the next weekend! The operators are: IT9SSI Dario, IT9YVO Antonello, IZ8CCW Antonio, IZ8CGS Gianni, IZ8IYX Pasquale, IZ8JAI Domenico, IZ5MOQ Alessandro, Z36W Venco & Z35X Chris. They were departed this night from Bari, my city, on a ferry boat for Durazzo, Albania, tomorrow they will reach Skopie, capital city of Macedonia, and than they will arrive at Z37M club station. They […]

Late Dx Activity

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After few days of Antenna’s maintenance I have reassembled and completed the 2 elements moxon for 40m, now it is a wonderful and pile-up breaker antenna, as my usual!!!! I have contact, without problems and waste of time, 3D2MJ Fiji Island, both in 40m and in 20m phone, he had a nice real 59 in 40m.