The Geneva’s Trip!

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Geneva is a beautiful and polyedric city. The lake of Geneva is the central point of life in the city, it is the junction between Switzerland and France, in this sense the city appears as a mixture between differents cultures, styles and histories.

Geneva is divided in many districts, around the centre near the lake, in which the styles is very different and they seem singular different cities. I’d like very much the large green areas with many colours and perfumes.

During my trip I have visited the club station HB9G, the U.S.K.A. radio club of Geneva, I’m very thanks to Joseph HB9VAA, the president. He is a very nice OM, he has took me around the city and then in the club, where I have operated as HB9/IZ7KHR. The station was: ic-765 and a Fritzel Yagi antenna on a Prosistel rotor. I have called on 40m for few hours. You can see my log on specific page.

The club is very useful, there is a big room for meeting and also for good lunch!! There is also a lab room with anything to repair a radio, a room for teaching to novices and other rooms for materials.

I hope to visit another time the HB9G club, so thanks to all member for welcome, see you!!!

So during my trip I have visited also Berna, capital city of Switzerland, then, in Geneva, also the botanic garden and the ONU centre, where there is the skyscraper of ITU, that is in restoration.

I have upload all photos on my gallery, so if you want see these, please click on the link or go on the Gallery page.

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