DXbuster- L’acchiappa DX!

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Hi guys!

The test of my antenna in finished! I can said that it works very fine!!!

I have changed the name of the Monster, hihihihi, now it is DXbuster….This is the extract of my log in the last days:

vk7ze 20m ssb – Tasmania


vk6dxi 20m cw – Australia

kh7xs 15m cw – Hawaii

vk9ni 20m cw – Norfolk isl.

zd7vc 20m ssb –  St. Helena Isl.

5v7prf 20m ssb – Togo

zl1ird 20m ssb – New Zeland

7p8mm 20m cw/7p8cf 20m ssb – Kingdom of Lesotho

5r8fu 20m ssb – Madagascar

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