QRV operations from Dolomiti IZ3/IZ7KHR

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I will spend 2 weeks in holiday. I’m going to Cortina D’Ampezzo, a beautiful place on Dolomiti mountains, in the North-East of Italy.

My location will be at 1500m on the sea level. I’m bringing with me a YAESU FT-897 with some portable antennas. I have build a multiband fishing-pole antenna and a single-element delta loop for 6m and 2m. I will upload some photos of those installations.

In case of some portable activities I have included in the pack also a multiband mobile antenna with a magnetic base for a mobile installation.

There will be many good locations for portable operations, also for S.O.T.A. (Summit On The Air), but now I don’t have any idea about these opportunity. I will consider them evaluating wheather conditions and every others difficulties.

In every case I will prefer activity in 6m and, if the propagation will be good, also in 2m. In HF I will test digital and SSTV modes.

Some pictures of Dolomiti:

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