The two elements 40m Moxon is up!

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Now also the 40m two elements Moxon is on the tower. I have used the same boom of my Delta.

The KD6WD’s site is a very good resource to build a Moxon antenna. You can download a Win software that provides all measures of the Moxon rectangle.

The Moxon antenna concept is very revolutionary, it consists to fold part of the element in the point of minimum current flow. So the dimensions of the antenna are very compact against a typical yagi dimension. There is  also the possibility to reduce the lenght of the elements introducing coils and I think this is a good trick with a moxon for 40m!

I haven’t use coils, but the length of the two elements are very big; my elements consist of the first part of Alluminium and other 6m with a fiber-glass fishing pole joint with fiber-glass sheet and Epoxy.

So, due to the extreme length of the elements, I think that shortly I will modify the antenna with coils, but there is two possibilities: reduce the moxon with the coils, or build a short yagi with coils and 4.8m of boom.

This the photo of my antenna system at  this moment:

IMG_1716 (1)

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