WPX SSB 2010 @T70A a perfect SO80LP!

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Contest / Hamradio / Viaggi

I have take part at WPX SSB 2010 from San Marino Republic with my friend Giorgio IZ4AKS.

He has operated in SO20HP category and I have made my WPX in SO80LP category.

I have not a good experience about 80mts. I would thank to all members of A.R.R.S.M. for this great opportunity.

I made some strategic errors due to few hours of sleep.

But it was a wonderful contest, the setup was perfect: a full size 1/4 vertical for TX, 3 directional beverages (one for N-E dir., one for W-E dir., one for S dir.) for RX, my FT-950.

I have heard beautiful signals, in particular from USA during the morning daylights. I have made just few QSOs during the morning and first afternoon with Italian and German, I hoped better. Despite the excellent path to Asia,I was not able to log any JA. It was a pity!

Some graphs and numbers:

Time ON : 29:17 Hours
Time OFF: 18:39 Hours

Summary QSO/Points:
160             0          0           0
80            985     504        0
40               0         0           0
20               0         0           0
15                0         0           0
10                0         0          0
Tot.              985    504       0

Score: 2126 Pts. x 504 Mlt. = 1.071.504

QSO per Continents:
EU: 946  ( 96,0 %)
AS: 12  (  1,2 %)
AF: 8  (  0,8 %)
OC: 0  (  0,0 %)
NA: 19  (  1,9 %)
SA: 0  (  0,0 %)

Best Rates:
Best        QSO/h    QSO   Period hour
10 min    162         27   0245…0254 27/03
20 min    135        45   0245…0304 27/03
30 min    116        58   0238…0306 27/03
60 min    107       107   0207…0306 27/03
120 min     78       155   0115…0314 27/03
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IZ4AKS/BY1RX another time!

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Amici / Hamradio

Giorgio IZ4AKS is another time in Beijing, capital city of China.

Yesterday he visited the clubstation B1Z and he could again make some contacts as IZ4AKS/BY1RX. In this occasion he have tried first 10m band, but the conditions were no so good. Then he has qsy on 15m where the situation was better.

Giorgio has transmitted for an hour circa with a good rate, circa 150 qso. Good opening for Europe, good response from Italy and also some good contact from Africa.

This is the full streaming of Giorgio’s activity, in the top part there is my contact with Giorgio.


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Echolink for iPhone

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Everyone should know the EchoLink software.

The Echolink system allows the interconnection radio-internet, you can create nodes, links and repeaters allowing access via the Internet from anywhere in the world using this software.

Many experiments were conducted over the years and various. In more recent periods, the  development of D-STAR mode  has prompted friends to do tests also based on Echolink, just look on the node set by our friend Domingo IZ7OIX that allows direct access to the D-STAR repeater IR7UBA of Bari.

Today we must live with the possibility of internet access with any device, cell phone’s technology now allows many possibilities and, in this context, there is a beautiful object that is the iPhone by Apple.

The development of applications for this device, which bases its strength on 360° connectivity, has now made possible to develop Echolink also on this platform.

This article aims to give the instructions to install and use this software on Apple’s device, including providing suggestions to access the Echolink node of IZ7OIX and access the D-STAR repeater in Bari linked to the National Reflector REF008.

Begin the installation, go into the Apple Store and find Echolink:

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DxCoffee.com un mondo di DX

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Amici / Hamradio

E’ nato DxCoffee.com

Nasce la versione in lingua italiana (l’inglese arriverà tra un po’) del nuovo portale d’informazione “espressamente” dedicato al mondo del DX.

La piattaforma tecnologica utilizzata da DxCoffee.com consentirà ai lettori  d’interagire con il nostro portale attraverso i commenti. Infatti, grazie a Gravatar, i lettori avranno un volto e per mezzo dei Feed potranno seguire ogni aggiornamento del portale in tempo reale.

Buona lettura e grazie per la vostra collaborazione.

73 e Buon DxCoffee a tutti!


Scopri come sostenere DxCoffee e come collaborare con i tuoi articoli.

Thinking Day 2010 on the Air

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Hamradio / Scoutismo

World Thinking Day on the Air (TDOTA)

TDOTA 2010

will be the 3rd full weekend in February 20 & 21

This year the theme will be girls worldwide say “together we can end extreme poverty and hunger”. The theme is taken from the first UN Millennium Development Goal and is part of our WAGGGS Global Action Theme.

For 2010 we are highlighting the difference Girl Guiding/Girl Scouting makes and the ways it challenges poverty in five countries:

1. Haiti

2. Georgia

3. Maldives

4. Sudan

5. Zimbabwe

In favor of this international theme all radioscouts are invited to be on the air during this event!

I will be QRV the February 21st during celebrations in my city, Bari, South-East of Italy.  The reference’s frequency will be 14.290MHz. All scout’s groups of my city will take part of this TDOTA.

So please every scout’s station is invited to contact others radioscout all over the world, I’m waiting also for sked via email or also via comments on this post.
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Terremoto ad Haiti – Haiti Earthquake >> all info

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Hamradio / news / Terremoto

Per ogni notizia sull’Emergenza Terremoto in Haiti sto facendo riferimento a due link essenziali, prego tutti di leggere e soprattutto di diffondere la notizia di lasciare libere le seguenti frequenze:

14300, 14265, 7265, 7045, 3977 e 3720 kHz

For all info about Haiti Emergency I’m referring to these two essentials links, so please read and keep clear these frequencies.

http://dx-hamspirit.com/ http://va3qv.wordpress.com/

Portable activity from JN80SR Ostuni

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Hamradio / Scoutismo / Viaggi

I have spent some times cqing during a Scout Camp! I have made some calls especially on 40m from 27th december 2009 to 29th.

My conditions were: FT-857 and mobile antenna PROXEL PRO-X1, only 100W.


I have obtained very good results from this antenna, it works really fine altought its dimension, I have heard strong signals from europe, but also incredible signals from USA at sunrise until also midmorning. I think these unbelievable results are due to particular 40m conditions in this period!

My little antenna was supported by some wires as radials with 1/4 lambda length for 40m and a magnetic base positioned on an alluminium chimney. With this setup I have noticed a good performance, especially in RX.

I have used the same setup from JN66BM Cortina, on the Dolomiti. In that case I had a great ground by the metal roof, but there were mountains that have attenuated all signals…. In the last case I was near the sea….

The logbook is been uploaded into my main online logbook so you can research your qso with me without problem!!!
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40&80 2009 un gran divertimento

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Amici / Contest / Hamradio

Forse è stato il contest più divertente che ho mai fatto, certo non stiamo parlando del CQWW o altri con nomi importanti, stiamo parlando semplicemente del contest italiano in 40 e 80m che si svolge ogni anno il primo weekend di dicembre sotto l’egida organizzatrice della sezione A.R.I. di Bologna.

Ricordo l’anno scorso, avevo ancora il mio caro ic-706, in quell’occasione ebbe un tracollo verticale, ovvero andò in fumo la scheda di gestione delle correnti dei finali e portai avanti il contest praticamente in qrp e con la consapevolezza di dover buttare la radio….Poi le antenne erano semplici dipoli filari.

Oggi le cose sono molto cambiate, radio nuova, un bel FT-950, e soprattutto le antenne nuovo, in 40m una moxon full size autocostruita con le mie mani e in 80m un dipolo filare anche questo autocostruito dai fili al balun centrale 1:1 con toroide e cavo teflonato.

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6Y9LM-6Y3Z-6Y7AM @ 6Y1V

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Amici / Contest / Hamradio / news

The incredible David 6Y1V has done the Young Ham selection also this year!


This year he has chosen 3 guys to make the CQWW CW 2009 from 6Y1V SuperStation. After my trip in Jamaica I thought that CW was passed and of little interest for me. David, instead, surprises me with him keyer! He was superfast and the sounds of TI – TA were music to my ears.

Since my return at home I have tried the CW. At this moment I’m making many CW QSO, my keyer is my PC, I don’t deny it! But now I’m able to understand my callsign and standard reports…

So, after this, I’m not surprised by the choice of David! He wants to encourage the HamRadio among young!

I think that will be a great experience for these guys, certainly one of the best in them life. So a very good luck to Roger EA3ALZ, Alex OZ7AM, Alex RV9LM, you will learn many things by David, these will be a treasure for you!

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