Echolink for iPhone

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Everyone should know the EchoLink software.

The Echolink system allows the interconnection radio-internet, you can create nodes, links and repeaters allowing access via the Internet from anywhere in the world using this software.

Many experiments were conducted over the years and various. In more recent periods, the  development of D-STAR mode  has prompted friends to do tests also based on Echolink, just look on the node set by our friend Domingo IZ7OIX that allows direct access to the D-STAR repeater IR7UBA of Bari.

Today we must live with the possibility of internet access with any device, cell phone’s technology now allows many possibilities and, in this context, there is a beautiful object that is the iPhone by Apple.

The development of applications for this device, which bases its strength on 360° connectivity, has now made possible to develop Echolink also on this platform.

This article aims to give the instructions to install and use this software on Apple’s device, including providing suggestions to access the Echolink node of IZ7OIX and access the D-STAR repeater in Bari linked to the National Reflector REF008.

Begin the installation, go into the Apple Store and find Echolink:

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Proceed with the software screenshot:

Install by clicking on “gratis” and proceed:

Now we have an icon on our desktop, we just click to start the program:

Now the software ask the login info for Echolink, if you are not registered on the system go to and follow the instructions, the evidence of your amateur radio license will be asked.
When you will obtain the login’s info, proceed by entering it in the screen:

Login and we will be asked to provide info on our GPS position, accept or reject without prejudice:

Now this is the main screen:

Proceed with the search of IZ7OIX’s node:

Confirm the search by clicking on “Search”:

Click on the node:

And now “Connect”:

Now we are connected to the node:

We can transmit by clicking “Transmit”:

Start the transmission and on the bar at the bottom you will notice the sound level of your emission, you can end the transmission clicking on the microphone.

Now let’s look at other screens, on “Text” you can view and use the chat of the node on which we are connected:

On “Settings” you can change the personal settings and the connection:

I have given a brief but comprehensive overview of the software, for every need and questions you can contact me.

By test the sound’s quality in reception and transmission is truly optimal, the tests were conducted under H3G network and under my home wireless network without notice much trouble, indeed there is a very good stability.
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