Thinking Day 2010 on the Air

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Hamradio / Scoutismo

World Thinking Day on the Air (TDOTA)

TDOTA 2010

will be the 3rd full weekend in February 20 & 21

This year the theme will be girls worldwide say “together we can end extreme poverty and hunger”. The theme is taken from the first UN Millennium Development Goal and is part of our WAGGGS Global Action Theme.

For 2010 we are highlighting the difference Girl Guiding/Girl Scouting makes and the ways it challenges poverty in five countries:

1. Haiti

2. Georgia

3. Maldives

4. Sudan

5. Zimbabwe

In favor of this international theme all radioscouts are invited to be on the air during this event!

I will be QRV the February 21st during celebrations in my city, Bari, South-East of Italy.  The reference’s frequency will be 14.290MHz. All scout’s groups of my city will take part of this TDOTA.

So please every scout’s station is invited to contact others radioscout all over the world, I’m waiting also for sked via email or also via comments on this post.
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