IO7A contest team: a great experience!!!

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After our first contest as IO7A the first impression  is very good!

io7a 1

We have tested the quality of the Steppir, it have given us the possibility to work WITH ONLY 100W multipliers all over the world! For example NH7O (Hawaii) via long path at 04.00 utc circa in 20m. Japan, Taiwan, Argentina, Brasil, Uruguay, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and many others…

We have made a good number of QSO (circa 850), with a good score, compared to our expectations…the correct score will be upload soon.

io7a 3

We have had great problems on low bands and in the research of multipliers with the second station, because we had only the tower tuned due to some problems with other antennas. So we have made very few contacts on 80m and noyhing in 160m. This a problem to resolve in future!

io7a 4io7a 5io7a 6

We are a great group of friends, some with good experience in dx activity and contest, other novices, but all with the intection to grow together!!! With us there are also the best dxmen in the world!!! Giannico e Roberto great operators:

io7a 7

So we hope to see you in the next contest! 73 by IO7A contest team!


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  1. Ant IZ8CCW dice

    Complimenti per l’ iniziativa , spero che sia il primo contest di una lunghisisma serie piena di ottimi risultati.
    73’s Ant

  2. Complimenti per l’interessante iniziativa.
    In zona 7 siamo carenti di organizzazione e mi piacerebbe seguire il gruppo o quanto meno essere informato di altri eventi simili e reso partecipe.

    Un saluto da Luigi!
    73 de IZ7PDX

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