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Terremoto ad Haiti – Haiti Earthquake >> all info

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Per ogni notizia sull’Emergenza Terremoto in Haiti sto facendo riferimento a due link essenziali, prego tutti di leggere e soprattutto di diffondere la notizia di lasciare libere le seguenti frequenze: 14300, 14265, 7265, 7045, 3977 e 3720 kHz For all info about Haiti Emergency I’m referring to these two essentials links, so please read and keep clear these frequencies. http://dx-hamspirit.com/ http://va3qv.wordpress.com/

Destruction in Samoa after Tsunami

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First videos from Samoa and American Samoa after the terrible tsunami. Many people are involved and the interested area is very large, there have been another strong earthquake also in Sumatra, Indonesia. Different DXpeditions are in this area at the moment, I hope all are well. Good news from 3D20CR, Conway reef, they are well and the first station is up on 20m now. We are waiting for other good news. < p style=”text-align: center;”> […]